Buzzing bees – out already

Have spotted bees out enjoying the mild winter in London.

At the weekend, two large and very loud bumblebees were on a mahonia bush in my neighbour’s garden in Hackney collecting pollen from the yellow flowers. Mini I’ve yet to master the art of bumblebee identification, but from their white bottoms, I’d guess they were either white-tailed queens, buff-tailed or garden queen bumblebees. As my BBC Wildlife pocket guide chart helpfully informs me that the white-tailed bumblebees (Bombus lucorum) are one of the earliest species, flying in February, I will plump for them. The other early species I could see in the garden at this time of year, according to my guide, is the aptly named Early bumblebee (Bombus pratorum), but as that clearly has an orange backside, it wasn’t her.

I’m afraid I’ve also yet to master how to take good photos of bees on my mobile phone! But you get the idea…




Today, I had the pleasure of spying honeybees out on a white-flowered shrub in south London. femme bordeaux If anyone knows the name of this early flowering shrub please let me know. kwazi Again, it’s not easy to see the bee in my photo, but there were a number of them buzzing around, collecting pollen.




I have had an answer from the Guardian’s gardening editor @janeperrone. She has tweeted me @alisonurbanbees to say it looks like Lonicera purpusii, winter honeysuckle. chaussures 2017 “The bees love it! Nice scent too.”

I think she’s spot on.

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