Capital Bee – inspection of the hives on Thursday 16th

Due to inclement weather on our regular Wednesday night’s session we didn’t get to look at the bees so I dropped into Camley Street on the following day to have a hive inspection.

Paul and Silvio managed to find the time to join me and we looked through the hives together.

Hive 1 (nearest the entrance). huarache This hive had swarmed earlier in the year and the new queen had started to lay around 12 days ago. Backpack We saw 4 frames of brood in all stages (eggs, larvae and pupae). They have still to fill out the brood box which they are doing niceley. The super box had some honey in it but there are still a few frames that need to be drawn out. I took of the 2nd empty super since they don’t need that now.

Hive 2 – I found 2 capped queen cells and 3 uncapped queen cells with larvae in it. We saw the blue marked queen. This might mean that they are superceding. I left it as it was so we can see by next week what happens.

Hive 3 was very strong. Backpack It has a brood and a half (brod box and a super box as the brood chamber). They super was full of working bees so we added another super.

HIve 4 (the new nuc) is developing slowly.

2 thoughts on “Capital Bee – inspection of the hives on Thursday 16th

  1. Sara Bell

    Thank you so much Brian – fascinating stuff – so much has happened in only a week which is what we had all hoped for! interesting that our hive, number 2 might be superseding, so am I right in thinking that this might mean they could swarm??

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