Map of hive locations

You want to keep bees and would like to know if there is someone in your area who wants to buddy up or you want to find someone who is experienced.
Using our new map you could insert your own location onto the map and let others know if you have a colony or if you are looking to start.

Check it out at

2 thoughts on “Map of hive locations

  1. Brian Post author

    Hi Brian. I would recommend you place a marker on our map at with a note saying much as the same as you did in your comment here. I would also recommend reading a good book on beekeeping. Then in the spring when the bees are out again I can arrange a visit to a hive.

  2. Brian M Thompson

    I would love to know more about keeping bees and the buddy system.
    I live in South East London with a small Garden and a roof area I could possible use.

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