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We ran our sixth course of the year on Sunday. Of the 20 who booked a place, some 15 turned up, which means that more than 80 aspiring apiarists have been on an Urban Bees taster course in 2009. We’re not quite sure how many have gone on to keep bees. We know of two for sure, who have kept in touch, sent photos and one of whom has appeared in the press as an example of that new phenomenon; the rise of the young urban beekeeper. We know that the shortage of bees this summer made it difficult for many would-be beekeepers to get going, others who came on the course were waiting until they’d moved house, or even country, before they took up the hobby. Others wanted to pup with an experienced beekeeper before taking the plunge or to attend a longer, pratical course, but with some beekeepers’ associations reporting waiting lists of up to two or three years, this isn’t going to happen soon.

We’ve had great feedback from participants who’ve attended courses throughout the year and have emailed to thank us for such an informative day, to tell us that their beekeeping book now makes a lot more sense, and that they’d recommend Urban Bees to anyone considering becoming a beekeeper.

At Urban Bees we are looking a ways we can help all those people who have come on our taster course to channel that enthusiam and exictement into actual beekeeping. roshe run 2017 Over the next month or so we will be looking at how we can put would-be apiarists who have come on our courses and live near to each other in touch and provide you with what you need to make it as easy as possible to get started in spring 2010. Already two partcipants on Sunday’s course have asked us to supply them with a hive and bees. We will be exploring how we can develop this service.

Our next course is on 10 January.

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