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The following links point you to different sites related to the world of beekeeping.

Have a browse through them and let me know if you would like your site added or suggestions of interesting sites that we can link to.


Bee-friendly plant suppliers

British Wildflower plants
(very well established and helpful)

Specially created bee-friendly wild flower seed mixes by leading experts in the field

Bee Happy Plants
Bee-friendly plug plants

Plants with a purpose
Lots of herbs and wildflowers all grown sustainably

Helpful plants by month guide. All bee-friendly plants are clearly marked.

UK associations

British Beekeepers Assoc

London's independent trainer beekeepers

Toby at Zootrain
Luke at Urbanbeekeeping
Camilla at Capital Bee
Zoe at The Golden Co-op
Ian at Hackney City Farm
Mike at Bees and Beans
Dave at East Surrey Bees
Brian at Urban Bees


Blackhorse Apiary - Great place to visit and learn

Beekeeping Data

Bee Data

BeeBase - National Bee Unit's website

UK Beekeeping Suppliers


National Bee Supplies

The Beehive Workshop

Omlet and the Beehaus

Pollen Guide

Bristol BKA's brilliant pollen guide - click on pollen guide

Beekeeping Blogs

Surrey beekeeper

Linda's Bees

Honey Bees Online

Bees in the Antipodes

The Eye of the Bee Holder

Hive Mind Honey

A Hobbyist's Beekeeping Adventures

Mistress Beekeeper

Turkish bees (Aricilik maalesef tedavisi olmayan bir hastaliktir ve bulasicidir.)

Beekeeping interests

Disappearing bees - CCD

There is a mysterious disease that is killing bee colonies around the world. A huge percentage of colonies are dying and we don't know why.

The problem has been dubbed Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) and though it is not the first time that bees have seen a dramatic decrease in numbers this latest problem has the beekeepers around the globe rather worried.

We went out to California to have a look and research our book and we ended up with a video clip on the Guardian.

You can follow our blog at A World Without Bees

Primary research dept

Bakersfield Newspaper
Californian news report

Ice cream firm helps

British perspective

CCD at Wikipedia
Overview of the problem

Pesticides: Germany bans chemicals linked to honeybee devastation
Article from the Guardian

Help Locate, Map and Save Feral Bees
We need your help!
This site is being launched to encourage beekeepers
and concerned citizens to help find and enter the
locations of feral honey bee hives.

Check out this clip from a Californian urban Beekeeper from current tv.

click here

Holley Bishop, Robbing the Bees. A lovely book

click here


Arnold Honeybee Services (Tennessee)

Bee Brothers Apiary (NY)


Betterbee (New York)

Brushy Mountain Bee Farm

Blossomland  (Michigan)


E & M Gold Beekeepers (New Jersey)

Glenn Apiaries

Glorybee Foods


International Pollination Systems

Jones Bee

Knox Cellars (The Orchard Mason Bee)

Lagrant's Honeybee's & Beekeeping Supplies 

Mann Lake Ltd

Mason Farm Honey

Mike's Bees and Honey

Miller's Honey

Moon Shine Trading Company

South East Texas Honey Co


Bajc Beekeeping (Slovenia)

Georgian Queens (the other Georgia)

Swienty Scandinavian Beekeeping Supplies


BeeMaid Honey

Beeworks (Ontario)