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Urban Beekeeping in LondonBees are one of nature's wonders. They pollinate plants as they collect their food and honeybees make delicious honey.

Bees do well in cities due to the variety of trees and flowers. They eat only pollen and nectar, and can, with careful planning and preparation, live side by side with you and your neighbours. We encourage people and businesses to plant more pollinator-friendly trees and flowers.

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Watch our talk at TEDxWarwick.

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Beekeeping forage

Click here for our bee and pollinator forage guides.

Bee Map

Our new map, Hive Talkin, in conjunction with the Co-operative's Plan Bee, shows the location of land available for beekeepers, beekeeping supplies and people running courses.

To get a swarm or bees in your property moved contact Swarm Collector

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